Animal Communication


Without understanding the way the human mind works, we cannot possibly work effectively with it.  Similarly, it's crucial to understand how the mind of each species works as they all communicate in slightly different ways. The symbiotic mix of psychology, spirituality and ESP creates the perfect medium and is truly progressing to take human-animal partnerships to the next level.


We are what we eat; the cells of our bodies are created from the food we ingest and nutritional therapy is of paramount importance for both achieving peak performance and healing from illness.  Years of unbiased learning give us the edge in this fascinating area of expertise.


Matter is energy vibrating on different levels and optimum results will be achieved using energy healing.  Animals respond beautifully and it puts mind, body & spirit in the best possible state to progress.  The most healing power in the universe is unconditional love and many years of experience have combined to create the perfect channel.

So how does it work?

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Mandy Rollinson Chadbower Schipperkes, UK

Mel has helped me with my show dogs especially my Import from Finland.  With just one session things improved in the show ring seeing my import achieving his Irish and Finnish Champion titles within a few months.  He has gone on to gains Res. CC at Crufts and a Utility Group win.  She also discussed plans for my next breeding to see if we could improve my litter size the singletons my girl had previously produced... sure enough my experienced mum went on to produce 4 stunning puppies who are going great guns in the show ring.  All 3 showing have achieved 1 Challenge Certificate each, only needing 2 more to gain their UK Champion status, 2 have taken Best puppy in Show at several shows including breed Championship show and Open show 6 moths later.  One male has gained his Irish Champion title along with Jnr Belgium and Irish titles.

Heather Anderson USA

Mel Smith has been practicing Animal Communication for many years, loves being around animals and delivering their messages to you. I worked with her about 18 months ago when we were having behavioral issues with our dogs and it turned out that our older dog had heart disease that was exacerbating his behavioral issues. She does pet telepathy, works with behavioral issues and offers energy healing. She is a multi-intuitive psychic medium who uses her gifts as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient to assist you with animal communication. We've also had sessions for pet mediumship. Her goal in life is to walk in truth and pass along all of her teachings. Mel has also developed her own energy healing methods and is a committed teacher of the healing arts including spiritual healing and lightwork.

Elaine Fournier USA

Mel has a great knowledge of Chinchillas.  She also has the ability to communicate with any pets who have passed.  She was able to comfort me regarding two of my pets- an iguana and a cat.  Terrific lady!


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