About Us

All animals can speak, all of them.  Human beings all have the power to listen and to hear them but it’s an art which has been lost to most over centuries of society becoming progressively more unnatural.  Little Fluffy Crowds is the inter-species partnership of Mel Smith (Animal Communicator) and our crack squad of international chinchilla supermodels.  Over 30 years of working professionally, living with and studying animals, along with psychology, psychic studies, healing, mediumship and nutrition, provide an unparalleled edge in the area of communication.

We work on a very practical level, we are not flashy or eccentric; we simply get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and resolve any issues as efficiently as possible.  In this way, we are usually able to resolve any behavioural patterns in just one session.

Our clients include show dogs looking to perform to the best of their ability in the ring, bereaved rescues struggling to cope in new homes, post operative animals needing to adjust to life without parts of their person and animals coping with chronic illness.

Additionally, we regularly work with clients struggling to cope with the loss of a beloved family member and are able to provide comfort and a deeper level of understanding by answering any questions which both parties may have about the reasons for the bereavement.  In some cases, the soul of the departed is able and wants to return in a new body and we are always delighted to aid the path for two loved ones to find each other again.  In our team we have three souls which have returned in new chinchilla bodies and one chinchilla who was Mel’s human daughter in a previous life (she still thinks she’s human).  We are happy to discuss the types of soul and why some return while others do not- it’s a fascinating area.

Whatever the problem, we see it as a privilege- large, small- no matter how ‘difficult’ the animal has been labelled- it’s all just a matter of perspective and it’s always the animal’s perspective which is the key to creating lasting harmony.

Why are we different? Mel remembers her past lives and she’s been having dreams which came true since she was just a child.  Living on the edge of the forest, she grew up climbing trees with her dogs, working at her local stables and sleeping with her Persian cat.  She grew with and consciously developed a natural empathy for animals which is sadly rare in modern times.  When she was 22, she experienced a spiritual awakening of epic proportions when she discovered she could hear what people were thinking.  All animals accept ESP as natural- everything is wide open for animals; all are connected in mind, body and spirit- and so it was natural that Mel should choose to use her gift with animals instead of people.  Animals’ minds are beautiful- peaceful and playful- and this is the state which we will be able to give back to your pet if he or she is struggling with living in a human environment.  It took many years of psychic and medium studies to refine Mel’s ability to its current level but it wasn’t until she applied psychology to the mix that she became truly adept.  Psychology is what’s missing from the arsenal of most psychics and it’s absolutely critical that it is applied because of the subjectivity of the human mind.  Without understanding the way the human mind works, we cannot possibly work effectively with it.  Similarly, it’s crucial to understand how the mind of each species works as they all communicate in slightly different ways. This symbiotic mix of psychology, spirituality and ESP creates the perfect medium and is truly progressing to take human-animal partnerships to the next level.