Our Team


Mylo is our resident superstar and supermodel.  Mylo’s charisma is legendary and his serene, professional approach to the working environment makes him a dream to handle.  Mylo usually gets the job done in one take only.  Mylo requires very respectful treatment to maintain his level of excellence.



Maggie is a Goddess and as such, is omnipotent.  She is a rare soul and animals of this type often work as service animals, leading a difficult or dangerous life.  Maggie is extremely useful when working with difficult cases as she knows the answer to absolutely everything.  She’s also unbelievably cute!



Maleki is the reincarnation of Mel’s favourite Arabian horse from the stud where she trained.  Maleki is unusual in that whilst the role of most animals is that of a facilitator, Maleki is a guardian.  It’s similar to angel energy.  Guardians are invaluable when navigating The Other Side as a portal is created with the potential to let anything through.  Great care must be taken to protect all concerned.  Maleki is just totally scrumptious and is also Mel’s best up-and-coming model in training.



Mel’s the dedicated servant and considers it a privilege to be able to learn from creatures which are clearly more emotionally intelligent than humans!  Mel maintains that it’s only intermediates who think they know everything; when the advanced level is achieved the vast wealth of universal knowledge becomes visible and accessible.  It’s at this point that we realise just how much we have to learn and that we must apply ourselves with relish.